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lawn mowing , lawn mowers
A rotary mower clears grass
A cylinder mower makes a lawn

You do not get a professional lawn overnight, patience is required. It requires a period of preparation to bring it to a point where it really starts to benefit from a cylinder mower - how long this takes is related to the state of the lawn in the first place!

It may well take a course of just rolling the lawn before mowing can commence. However, it is well worth waiting for because a professionally prepared lawn greatly enhances the look of any house.

On the right is a photograph of the Chateau L'Angotiere in Normandy owned by one of our customers. The lawn is mown by a 1972 Dennis Premier 30" Mower supplied by The Old Lawnmower Company.


The most important part of creating a lawn with a professional finish is the initial rolling to flatten the ground. Once this has been achieved, preferably in Autumn or early Spring when the ground is soft but not wet, then the continuing action of the heavy rollers during the mowing season will form the firm, level base that is essential for a proper lawn.

Much is made of stripes these days but a rotary lawn mower just flattens the grass in opposite directions to give cosmetic stripes, it does not compact the ground which is the most important part of the exercise. Continued use of a rotary, with or without a roller, will ensure that the lawn becomes spongy and thus more prone to disease. Our cylinder lawnmowers with heavy rollers roll the ground properly as well as giving stripes and this means that the more the grass is mown, the better the lawn gets.

lawn mowing , lawn mowers

Cylinder lawn mowers do not like long, wet grass so it may be necessary to take a rotary over the lawn first if it has grown too much. Once the cylinder mowing starts on a regular basis then this is not a problem. We can do any initial rotary mowing as well but a customer may well wish to save money by doing it themselves.

To benefit properly from our service, it should be seen as something that continues on a regular basis.


There is a standard fee of 10 per visit in our area to cover fuel costs.

We charge a minimum of 30 per visit which includes up to one hour's work. Extra time is charged out pro rata in half-hour slots.

It should be noted that, apart from providing a superior cut, a cylinder lawn mower also works faster than a rotary mower and, especially on a larger lawn, this can save a considerable amount of time.


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